Teaching is a learning experience, whereby I learn how best to teach.


Teaching is a learning experience, whereby I learn how best to teach.

Testimonials about Teja Bell

A few words from my peers.

Teja is a masterful teacher, who brings wonderful skill, practical wisdom, and a caring heart to his Qigong. His work offers a beautiful way to embody mindfulness and lovingkindness.

~ Jack Kornfield, Founding Meditation Teacher, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and author of “the Wise Heart”

Teja Bell is a master teacher. His refreshing and easily understood style of teaching Qigong has enlivened and deepened Dharma practices for many students of the way of the Buddha. Teja’s profound understanding of ancient awareness practices, along with his open and loving heart, have made his Radiant Heart Qigong work a joyful experience for my students and me.

~ Robert K. Hall, M.D., Vipassana Meditation Teacher, El Dharma – Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico

Teja Bell’s warmth and clarity allow for the blend of precision and spaciousness that harmonize with deep meditation practice. His talents in teaching make the practice of Radiant Heart Qigong accessible to all levels of practitioners.

~ John M. Travis,  Senior Teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center – Founder, Mt. Stream Meditation Center

Teja Bell Fudo Myoo continues to unfold the mysteries of Qigong in waves: rising, falling, and crashing on the shores of silence. It wasn’t until I had studied with Teja for some time that I realized that although he seemed to make no waves, he was a wave. He always responded appropriately. Sometimes he was just a ripple, and sometimes the force of a Tsunami. If you are serious, eager to learn, and truly transform your life, seek him out. He is truly a master who embodies the teachings.

~ DoShin Hannya MJ Nelson – Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen Roshi – Founder of IntegralZen

Teja is a master of the inner arts and has a profound understanding of the spiritual dimension of Qigong practice. He is a wonderful teacher of Qigong, conveying the practice with heartfelt warmth and wisdom. It is a delight to study with him. The Radiant Heart Qigong is a beautiful practice in its own right, and, as a way of being balanced physically and energetically, it is also an effective complement for other spiritual disciplines.

~ Gil Fronsdal Ph.D., Meditation Teacher, Spirit Rock Meditation Center – Founder of Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, California

Radiant Heart: Qigong In-Depth Training

Words from a few of my past and current students.

Working with Teja has been nothing short of life-changing. I have felt more grounded, balanced, and embodied since entering into the practices he has so lovingly and skillfully shared. I also find that I am more able to be a calming, grounding presence in the lives of others, which is so important in my professional life working with teens.

~ Jai Flicker

Teja created the compassionate space for us to begin to discover what lies beyond the Qigong forms, and he drew out our unique expressions of it. The course was carefully planned from the first day until the last. Teja skillfully and compassionately led us to discover the essence of Qigong. Before I signed up, I wasn’t sure if I had the time or wanted to spend the money, but I am so glad I did and have absolutely no regrets!

~ Martine Shelley

The deepening of the practice throughout these months, the recognition of responsibility to hold the lineage as a potential teacher, and the sincere, loving community that kept building, have all been experiences of incredible beauty, boundless wisdom, and pure joy!! All of this seemed to happen so effortlessly yet is a statement of the gifted, wise, and experienced teacher that Teja is. This training has given me a permanent anchor and discipline for life.

~ Shri Estes

The container set by Teja and held by the whole group over the eight months of RHQ training allowed for a deep and supported exploration of my qigong practice, resulting in a new experience of mindfulness which is revealing its gifts every day. The dynamic of the sangha – the witnessing of each other’s challenges and growth – was an essential element in the profound learning that occurred for me. I’ve never felt so awake. In a culture driven by excess and stress, the revolutionary call to “under-do” is a balm unparalleled.

~ Betsy Haggerty

The integrated practice that Teja offers has been a true blessing in my life. He is a true master, yet his softness draws you close to the precious gem of this energy work. Teja invites you to experience for yourself an ancient wisdom that is already inside your body! I consider myself extremely lucky to have come across Teja and the ancient teachings he offers. It is rare and precious to find a teacher who embodies these powerful practices and presents them in such a gentle and inviting way. These practices are a healing balm, smoothing the erratic energy of our busy lives. Let the simple practices reveal the deep wisdom that lays dormant/waiting in your own body, in your own life.

~ Amos Hausman-Rogers

Teja is a balanced male, a rarity in American society, physically strong yet flexible in mind and body. His gentleness is constant in times of discord or peace. He is patient. His knowledge spans several disciplines of body, mind, and spirit. His soul shines through his being and his music. He is strong enough to be gentle.

~ Marejanna Blair

Teja made qigong come alive in a totally accessible way for me. I have had multiple limitations: a neuro-muscular disease, various injuries, etc. Teja taught me how to get the full benefit of the practice by applying the principles to my own range of motion. The result has been exciting. Radiant Heart Qigong has let me connect to new sources of energy (for me). I can really feel the flow of chi as I practice the forms, and it invigorates my meditation practice beautifully.

~ Rebecca Dixon

Radiant Heart Qigong brought so much more depth and stillness to my meditation practice and at the same time treat ease in my body while sitting. At times my heart quivers with radiance and love.

~ Siegrit Salkowitz

Teja’s teaching style is deceptively clear, simple, and direct. Like all great teachers, he gives all away to you. Teja transmits the formless inside the forms with such grace and ease, it’s contagious. As I kept practicing the gentle movements, I came into my body in a more vital and lived-in way. After one month, I’m feeling more complete within myself, more open and loving. My gratitude is boundless.

~ Kirtan Coan

Radiant Heart Qigong, as shared by Teja, is a wonderful path to healing the body, mind, and spirit. Teja embodies dignity, compassion, and connection to the earth and universe. May your presence and your practices spread far and wide.

~ Barbara Wall

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