About Qigong Dharma

QigongDharma is the confluence of the streams of qigong and meditation – embodiment and insight. It is a pathway to radiant well-being and lends access to direct knowledge of who we are in the greater sense. Practicing QigongDharma in this way empowers meditators with calm, clear energy, strength, and vibrant health – bringing peace to the body, heart, and spirit.


Radiant Heart Qigong embraces action and stillness, cultivating:

    • Standing meditation
    • Sitting meditation
    • Supine meditation postures
    • In-motion practices that “presence awareness” through the elements of physical and energetic alignment for well-being and centered-grounded presence and balance in harmony


Radiant Heart Qigong teaches the continuity of meditation in stillness and in motion, using the modalities of:

    • Mindfulness
    • Natural concentration
    • Presence
    • Compassion and Wisdom


These are the initial and primary distinctions and represent only part of the energetic and cognitive transmission. This is the practice of integrating embodied mindfulness, creating wholeness in meditative action with a quality of mindfulness that I call “presence awareness.” These teachings are fundamentally in harmony with the principles and practices of Dharma.

Qigong taught in this way is a dharma teaching in itself. The intersection of stillness and movement finds the fullness of expression in qigong meditation. Well-being, harmony, and bliss are brought into present direct wakefulness – the ground, the path, and the goal of Dharma-based qigong. These health and longevity practices have been developed in Taoist and Buddhist environments over the centuries. The principles of harmony with nature, compassion, centeredness, and kindness are dynamically present. Learning and knowledge are now a matter of direct experience in embodied meditation. Healing and transformation are a matter of ‘letting go’ to the luminous intelligence of our true nature. Recognition of our oneness with all that is – is no longer a concept but a direct experience that arises simultaneously with our ordinary awareness.