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Qigong Dharma – Weekly Class Series

Join us each Wednesday from 10:00 am to 11:30 am Pacific Time to deepen your practice with a live-streamed online Qigong Dharma session. Classes are led by Teja Bell from his home Zendo and include standing and seated qigong, guided meditation, interaction, and dialogue.

Wednesday Qigong Dharma

These sessions include teaching and practice of Radiant Heart Qigong and other traditional forms qigong and neigong. They are designed to meet beginners and experienced practitioners with useful and relevant information and practice flow ...
06 Oct - 26 Dec
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Local Time
Date: Oct 06 2021 - Dec 26 2029
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Online Offering
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Two Ways to Join!

Multi-week Immersions

These immersion offerings provide practitioners with an opportunity for a deep dive into embodied practice. Immersions are offered periodically throughout the year according to themes relating to Dharma and Qigong.

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21-Day & 42-Day Transformation Cycles

These practice periods offer the opportunity for depth learning and continuity of practice.

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Sits, Daylong & Extended Retreats

Community sits, daylong retreats, multi-day retreats, and week-long retreats online, and at retreat centers around the world. Dates and locations will be posted when available. Stay connected with the newsletter to be first informed.

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Qigong Dharma: In-Depth Training and Teacher Training

In-depth training includes immersive study and practice of Radiant Heart Qigong together with an integral approach to meditation and mindfulness that is unique and genuinely transformative. Potential for RHQ Teacher/Guide certification – beginning at Level 1, is available along with the in-depth training. The training focuses on developing the skills for creating, preserving, and maintaining health and well-being and opens the doorway for authentic spiritual insight as compassionate and wise living.

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Bringing peace to the body, heart, and spirit through QigongDharma