brings together the rivers of qigong and meditation – embodiment and insight.

A Community In Practice

Our weekly Qigong Dharma community meets on Wednesday mornings for a 90-minute class session that is divided into periods of standing Qigong, seated Dao Yin, and Meditation and includes a Q&A period. Students may choose to drop in one week at a time at their convenience or build a sustained practice with a community in practice by signing up for a month at a time.

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Qigong Dharma

Qigong Dharma brings together the rivers of qigong and meditation – embodiment and insight. It is a pathway to radiant well-being and lends access to direct knowledge of who we are in the greater sense. Practicing Qigong Dharma in this way empowers meditators with calm, clear energy, strength, and vibrant health – bringing peace to the body, heart, and spirit.

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Teja Bell

Throughout his lifetime, Teja Bell has been a committed practitioner of the Dharma and the Dao, integrating qigong, martial arts, and healing energy practices. He is a lifelong practitioner and teacher of Aikido (6th-degree black belt) and of Chinese Internal Arts with a special emphasis on the healing and restorative aspects of qigong and meditation.

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Teacher Training

Join Teja Bell to learn the principles of offering Qigong to your own students or in your community. This training includes traditional qigong and dao yin practices with special emphasis on developing skills for creating, preserving, and maintaining health and well-being.

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Your Radiant Heart extends throughout space. Kindness and Compassion touches all of life. All of life is your luminous face.

~ NagaBukko the Snow Leopard

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Bringing peace to the body, heart, and spirit through QigongDharma