Silk Reeling Qigong

Sliding Scale: $90 to $180

PLEASE NOTE: This course starts on October 2nd 2023.

See the information below. The suggested contribution for this five-week immersion is $180 (See below for scholarship information.)


Five consecutive Mondays from 10 AM to 11:30 AM (PT) 

October 02, 09, 16, 23, and 30

Late Joiners

You are welcome to sign up for this offering until the last day of class. For those who join late, you will be provided with recordings of past classes and invited to join the upcoming classes in a live Zoom broadcast. Videos will be available for three months for review.

Silk Reeling Qigong

A 5-week QigongDharma Course to Better Health, Mental and Emotional Well-Being, Balance, Relaxation, and Coordination. Silk Reeling Qigong develops and expresses essential skills of fluid motion that contribute to balance, coordination, and whole-person integration, balancing spirit, mind, and body!

HD edited Class “Teaching” videos and Downloadable Practice Flows

Daily practice requirement < 30 minutes

Silk Reeling Qigong

Week #1 Overview and Concise History of Silk Reeling

Initial Practice Forms

  • Principles of Silk Reeling
    • Fluid Movement
    • Whole Body Flow
    • Spirals Everywhere
    • Relaxing in Practice

Week #2 ~ Expanding the Dimensions of Silk Reeling Qigong

Practice forms of Vertical Ellipses, Coiling, and Diagonal Spirals

Qigong for Strength, Flexibility, and Vitality

Week #3 ~ Vibration and The Method of Flow

Expanding the practice of Silk Reeling Qigong with Qi Issuing Practices

Healing and Mending joints and opening the Qi pathways safely and skillfully

Healing Qi Applications

Week #4 ~ Integrating Spirals and Flow

Expanding while Integrating the forms of practice.

Working with a practice form that you resonant with

Week #5 ~ Summary and Integration

Review the course and look into ways to continue in this research.

“A good teacher tells you where to look, but not what to see…”

Reflections of Practice, Dharma, and Values

  • Suggestions for continuation
  • Suggestions and Guidelines for expanding practice time
  • Time for Wise Critical Assessment
  • Sangha Questions and Comments

To embody the spirit of generosity in modern times, we have created a sliding scale for our offerings to honor individual situations.  If the low end of the sliding scale is still not affordable, we invite you to request a scholarship and contribute the amount appropriate for you.  All requests need to be made at least 72 hours before the session begins.  All communication is confidential.

Scholarship Request Code: SRQ100223 (Copy this code for use on the request form)

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