Qigong Energy Anatomy

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Five consecutive Mondays from 10 AM to 11:30 AM (PT) 

June 05, 12, 19, 26, and July 03

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You are welcome to signup for this offering until the last day of class. For those who join late, you will be provided with recordings of past classes and invited to join the upcoming classes in a live Zoom broadcast. Videos will be available for 3 months for review.

Qigong Energy Anatomy

Through the contemplative and embodiment practices of QigongDharma, this course investigates the profound maps of the subtle systems of our human life.  The Chinese and Vedic systems established their understanding through direct first-person experience and continued this as shared information over time to the present.

Now we also have the ever-evolving knowledge base of science with Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology, and brain and neuroscience that complements and contributes to our multi-dimensional understanding of ourselves as human beings.

Science is not the only valid portal to genuine knowledge.  The developing study of first-person experience through contemplative practice is also a usable wisdom pathway.

This course is not about memorizing acupuncture points or chakra qualities and locations, or arcane lore about metaphysical and esoteric theories.  It is about finding the value of these ancient and modern traditions in your first-person experience.  You will have the opportunity to discover the importance of contemplative exploration to discover the mystery and mechanisms of Qi connected naturally to the self-organizing principles of the Universe – Li.

Each session unfolds into understanding and embodiment with life-affirming QigongDharma practices.  In addition, each session has a specific outline with videos and written material that will help guide your training.

This program is designed for those interested in the art and science of qigong and meditation.  The course is experiential and includes lectures and visual information to guide your investigation.

Remember, this is a life-long study and is not intended to be exhaustive of the vast amount of material that is potential to investigate.

So, relax and enjoy the journey!

Everyone is welcome!

All sessions will be recorded and are reviewable.


Qigong Energy Anatomy

Week #1 Orientation to the Landscape of the Subtle Body

Standing and Seated practices include:

  • Fluid Energy Spirals
  • Radiant Body Breathing
  • Descending Dragon Spinal Stretch
  • Opening the Yao
  • Integrating Breath
  • Standing Meditation Wuji
  • Essential Alignment Dao Yin
    • Subtle circular movement (2 directions)
    • Opening Gesture to Align Vertical Column
  • Spinal Spiraling Staircase
  • Yin~Yang Spinal Dao Yin Pulsing Cycle
  • Quiet Sitting
    • Settle and Drop-in
    • Natural Whole-Body (Abdominal) Breathing
    • Effortless Mindful Internal Inventory
    • Stillness Presence
  • Conscious Re-integration

Daily practice requirement < 30 minutes

Week #2 ~ The Domains of Investigation:

The 3 Treasures / 4 Main Channels / 7 Points

The Three Treasures are:

         The Three Dan Tians

  • Jing – Holding the Vase with Pulse
  • Qi – Yin Yang Breathing with Pulse
  • Shen – Pulling Over Drawing Down
  • 3 Centers Breathing
  • Pulsing from the Core
  • Full Spinal Breathing

 The Four Main Channels are:

  • Du Mai
  • Ren Mai
  • Dai Mai
  • Chong Mai

Our Seven Points of interest are:

  • Laogong
  • Yongquan
  • Baihui
  • Huiyin
  • Mingmen
  • Qihai (Ren-6 Qihai: ‘Sea of Qi)
  • Yin Jiao (Ren-7: Yin Jiao)

Week #3 ~ Vitality through Harmonization & Circulation

An Introduction to the Small and Grand Circulation Methods and Meditations for Embodying Qigong Energy Anatomy Lessons

  • Natural Abdominal Breathing
  • Reverse Abdominal Breathing
  • The difference between imagination and intention
  • Suggestions for practice
  • Safety in practice
  • Staying in touch with your experience

Week #4 ~ Clearing the 10 Fields

  • This is the integrating practice of Clearing the 10 Fields
  • An outline of the Chakras
  • The expanded practice of the 3 Centers Breathing Qigong
  • The integrated flow of 7 Chakras and 3 Centers
  • The healing and restorative practice of Clearing 10 Fields
  • How to practice Clearing the 10 Fields

Week #5 ~ The End is the Beginning

Review the course and look into ways to continue in this research.

“A good teacher tells you where to look, but not what to see…”

Reflections of Practice, Dharma, and Values

  • Suggestions for continuation
  • Suggestions and Guidelines for expanding practice time
  • Time for Wise Critical Assessment
  • Sangha Questions and Comments

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