More Than Stand

Sliding Scale $120 – $60

The suggested contribution for this 4-week course is $120. Please contribute what you can and consider supporting others if you have the means. Thank you.  (See below for scholarship information.)


Mondays | 10:00 am – 11:30 am | Pacific Time
Nov 08 2021 – Nov 29 2021
4-week Immersion
Online via Zoom

This 4-week transformation practice cycle is designed to correctly establish the foundations of standing qigong/meditation. This essential practice is integral to all good and effective embodiment practices. Learn the skills and practice in this course. Each 90-minute session is recorded and available for you to review for 30 days. Extra timers and written material will be available to you for download during the course.

To embody the spirit of generosity in modern times, we have created a sliding scale for our offerings to honor individual situations. If the low end of the sliding scale is still not affordable, we invite you to request a scholarship for classes. All communication is confidential.

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Monday, November 08, 2021

Week #1 ~ First Essentials

  • The “Why” of Standing Meditation
  • A brief history of Standing Meditation
  • Some useful terms for practice
  • What is “Wuji”?
  • The first 4 Elements of Alignment
    • Feet and Ankles
    • Knees and Legs
    • Hips and Spine
    • Neck and head
  • What to Practice
  • How to Practice
  • When to Practice
  • How Long to Practice
  • Working with Timers

Monday, November 15, 2021

Week #2 ~ Opening Up

  • Refinements for Standing
  • Stillness in form; mind (nervous system) in ‘relative’ stillness
  • Open up and stretching the Yao/midriff
  • 2 More gestures for Wuji
  • The next 4 areas of mindfulness
    • Eyes
    • Tongue
    • Using the 3 regions of the foot
    • Mindfulness and Cultivation of the Breath
  • Moving into practice; moving out of practice
  • Sitting and Standing; Standing and Sitting
  • Transformational Meditation

Monday, November 22, 2021

Week #3 ~ Settling In

  • Phenomena in Standing Meditation
  • Working with various phenomena and discomfort in standing
  • Standing in the Stream (standing for emotional calming)
  • San Ti Shi (asymmetrical stances)
  • The next 4 areas of Internal Work – Neigong
    • Spacious Joints
    • Centerline Dynamics
    • Alignment of and Feeling into the 3 Centers – head heart hara
    • Inner Smile; structural stability
  • Wu Wei is the Way of Wu, and the non-doing of our practice
  • Presence Awareness and Pure Witnessing
  • Re-embodying essential principles

Monday, November 29,  2021

Week #4 ~ New Worlds

  • Changing Perspectives in Standing Meditation
  • Introducing Sun, Moon and Lightning
  • Philosophy of Zen Being in Standing
  • The 8 Gestures of Sun, Moon and Lightning
    • Crown of Head
    • 3rd Eye
    • Throat Center
    • Heart Center Front
    • Heart Center Back
    • Solar Plexus
    • 2nd Chakra
    • Base Chakra
  • Strategies for practice
  • Timers and under-doing
  • Re-embodying essential principles