April 16 Daylong – Aligning the 3 Centers

Starting at: $30

This Daylong is offered on a sliding scale with a suggested contribution of $60 (See below for scholarship information.)


In-Depth Session:  Saturday April 16, 2022 10AM – 2PM (PT)

These are the Neigong practices of energetic and structural alignment. The focus is on the qualities of the 3 centers (3 dan tians) to revitalize and clarify these fields and then bring them into integrated alignment and harmony. Simple practices; profound results! This session will be recorded for review.

To embody the spirit of generosity in modern times, we have created a sliding scale for our offerings to honor individual situations. If the low end of the sliding scale is still not affordable, we invite you to request a scholarship for classes. All communication is confidential.

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